Dynamic BGP failover on Huawei router using NQA

Same as usual, before going directly to the configuration, iNET9 would like to give some tips about what, why, how, etc. ūüėȬ† BGP (Border Gateway Protocol): is a standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems on the Internet. The protocol is classified as

Configuring Double Tag Translation on Cumulus Linux

Few weeks back, Cumulus Networks announced new release of Cumulus Linux 3.3.1 which includes some early access features as following. SNMP enabled for routing protocols: Monitor BGP and OSPF using SNMP. VXLAN routing: An early access feature for configuring IP routing between VXLAN VNIs in an overlay network. QinQ: An early

Example QinQ Tunneling Configuration – Juniper and Cisco

In this article, we are going to talk¬†about QinQ tunneling configuration between Juniper MX10 and Cisco¬†ASR1001, it’s basically Junos and IOS. Before going to the main part, let start with some introduction so that you understand a little bit about QinQ. Understanding QinQ Tunneling QinQ (formally defined as 802.1ad) is